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    TRBD/USEPA; Final Technical Support Document Bis(2-ethylhexyl) terephthalate p.61 (1983) from HSDB The hydrolysis of di(2-ethylhexyl) terephthalate and di(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate were studied using rat gut homogenate fractions in vitro.

    Dimethyl terephthalate | C10H10O4 - PubChem

    Dimethyl terephthalate | C10H10O4 | CID 8441 - structure, chemical names, physical and chemical properties, classification, patents, literature, biological activities .

    1,4-Benzenedicarboxylicacid, 1,4-bis(2-ethylhexyl) ester .

    1,4-Benzenedicarboxylicacid, 1,4-bis(2-ethylhexyl) ester (cas 6422-86-2) MSDS 1. 1.1 IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE/MIXTURE AND OF THE COMPANY/UNDERTAKING Product identifiers Product Dioctylname . Bis(2-ethylhexyl) terephthalate PA-6 Plasticizer adhesive Formula Molecular Weight Component : C24H38O4 : 390,56 g/mol Concentration

    BASF begins production of Palatinol DOTP plasticizer at .

    Jul 18, 2017· HOUSTON, TEXAS, July 18, 2017 – BASF started the production of Palatinol® DOTP (dioctyl terephthalate), a general purpose plasticizer, at its Pasadena, Texas facility, with a nameplate capacity of 60,000 metric tons per year. The plant enables BASF to respond to the growing demand for non-ortho-phthalate plasticizers in North America, and strengthens its position as a reliable source for …

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    p. 1 1 0 0 He alth Fire Re activity Pe rs onal Prote ction 1 1 0 A Material Safety Data Sheet Dioctyl phthalate MSDS Section 1: Chemical Product and Company Identification

    Dioctyl terephthalate - Wikipedia

    Dioctyl terephthalate. Dioctyl terephthalate ( bis(2-ethylhexyl) benzene-1,4-dicarboxylate or Di(2-ethylhexyl) terephthalate), commonly abbreviated DOTP or DEHT, is an organic compound with the formula C 6 H 4 (CO 2 C 8 H 17) 2. It is a non- phthalate plasticizer, being the diester of terephthalic acid and the branched-chain.

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    Dioctyl terephthalate CAS#: 6422-86-2

    ChemicalBook provide Chemical industry users with Dioctyl terephthalate Boiling point Melting point,Dioctyl terephthalate Density MSDS Formula Use,If You also need to Dioctyl terephthalate Other information,welcome to contact us.

    Dioctyl terephthalate, CAS Number: 6422-86-2

    Dioctyl terephthalate - chemical information, properties, structures, articles, patents and more chemical data.

    Dioctyl Terephthalate

    Trade Name: DIOCTYL TEREPHTHALATE - DOTP, DEHT Chemical Name: bis(2-ethylhexyl) terephthalate Chemical Formula: C6H4(COOC8H17)2 CAS Number: 6422-86-2 Product MSDS: MSDS-DOTP Advantages * Does not cause chemical changes at polymers, but executes physical and mechanical changes.

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    Here you can find all of the regulations and regulatory lists in which this substance appears, according to the data available to ECHA. This substance has been found in the following regulatory activities (directly, or inheriting the regulatory context of a parent substance):

    Safety Data Sheet - Megaloid

    Please ensure that this MSDS is given to, and explained to people using this product. ­ 1 ­ Safety Data Sheet 1. PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION Name Dioctylterephthalate Synonyms bis(2­ethylhexyl) terephthalate; 1,4­benzenedicarboxylic acid, bis(2­ethylhexyl) ester; DOTP CAS# 6422­86­2

    China Dioctyl terephthalate Manufacturers, Suppliers .

    Dioctyl terephthalate (DOTP) molecular formula: C24H38O4 is a good performance of the main plasticizer for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastics.Compared with dioctyl phthalate (DOP) commonly used at present, it has the advantages of heat resistance, cold resistance, hard volatilization, resistance to extraction, softness and good electrical insulation performance, and shows excellent durability .

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    Sigma-Aldrich offers a number of Dioctyl terephthalate products. View information & documentation regarding Dioctyl terephthalate, including CAS, MSDS & more.

    dioctyl terephthalate msds formula,

    Dioctyl Terephthalate 10032

    Testing Status of Dioctyl Terephthalate 10032 . CASRN: 6422-86-2 Formula: C24-H38-O4 Synonyms/Common Names. 1,4-Benzenedicarboxylic acid, bis(2-ethylhexyl) ester

    dioctyl terephthalate msds formula,

    Dioctyl Terephthalate(DOTP) - China Dioctyl Terephthalate .

    Dioctyl Terephthalate Production Process DOTP Currently Used, Is Generally Based On Terephthalic Acid Or Dimethyl Terephthalate As Raw Material Synthesis Process Route, Although This Method Has A High Purity And Relatively Simple After-Treatment, Etc.,

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    Dioctyl terephthalate is a colorless viscous liquid with chemical formula of C 24 H 38 O 4. It is a diester of terephthalic acid and the branched-chain 2-ethylhexanol. It is a diester of terephthalic acid and the branched-chain 2-ethylhexanol.

    Dioctyl terephthalate | 6422-86-2

    Visit ChemicalBook To find more Dioctyl terephthalate(6422-86-2) information like chemical properties,Structure,melting point,boiling point,density,molecular formula,molecular weight, physical properties,toxicity information,customs codes. You can also browse global suppliers,vendor,prices,Price,manufacturers of Dioctyl terephthalate(6422-86-2).

    Dioctyl Terephthalate (DOTP) from Korea

    materially injured by reason of imports of dioctyl terephthalate ("DOTP") from Korea, provided for inading subhe 2917.39.20 of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States, that are alleged to be sold in the United States at less than fair value ("LTFV").2

    Dioctyl terephthalate(DOTP) WSD Chemical®

    Applications: DOTP plasticizer is a a good main plasticizer of PVC plastics. Compared to DOP, it offer better heat, anti-freezing, not volatile, anti-taking and flexibility. Because of low volatility, can be used to produce wire and cable working in low

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    Dioctyl terephthalate ≥96% Synonym: Bis(2-ethylhexyl) terephthalate CAS Number 6422-86-2. Linear Formula C 6 H 4-1,4-[CO 2 CH 2 CH(C 2 H 5)(CH 2) 3 CH 3] 2. Molecular Weight 390.56 . EC Number 229-176-9. MDL number MFCD00072256. PubChem Substance ID 24874478

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    Bis(2-ethylhexyl) phthalate (di-2-ethylhexyl phthalate, diethylhexyl phthalate, DEHP; dioctyl phthalate, DOP) is an organic compound with the formula C 6 H 4 (CO 2 C 8 H 17) 2. DEHP is the most common member of the class of phthalates, which are used as plasticizers .

    Eastman 168(TM) non-phthalate plasticizer

    bis(2-ethylhexyl) terephthalate 6422-86-2 > 98 2-ethylhexyl methyl terephthalate 63468-13-3 < 2 SECTION 4. FIRST AID MEASURES If inhaled : Move to fresh air. Treat symptomatically. If symptoms persist, call a physician. In case of skin contact : Wash off with soap and water.

    Dibutyl terephthalate | C16H22O4 - PubChem

    Articles containing the FCS are for repeat-use and may contact all food types, except alcoholic foods, at temperatures not to exceed 100°C. The FCS is not for use in contact with infant formula and human milk. Such uses were not included as part of the intended use of the substance in the FCN.

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